Well the USA will soon look very different. Our new administration and congress have installed an EPA that is not there to protect the environment. We have not seen the likes of this since the Reagan administration. Protection of our environment will now take a back seat to business concerns. I am not sure if you have seen what has happened to people in Louisiana, or Arkansas, or Texas. The rampant pollution, industrial dumping, fish kills, chemical waste that have run rampant, even with controls will become commonplace.

Climate Change, now does not exist, just like that. Proposals to sell federal lands to business, these are our lands, the government is a steward, not the owner. Proposed repeal of the endanged species act, or at least a one on, take one off policy. Approval of DAPL, even after the Army Corp of Engineers said to reroute it, now that result has been buried.

Our environment is under seige. I fear that air pollution alerts will return. We had many such days in NYC back in the 70’s, we forget what that was like.

So for now we wait. But, we will fight back and be heard.